The Private Label (also called Store Brand) category has exploded over the past decade, with quality, performance and loyalty often surpassing the National Brand. While cost is always a key consideration, we know that a delicious and nutritious offering will keep the consumer coming back time-and-time again. 

We have stock formulations available for Water Enhancers, Meals & Coffee Creamers that are ready to partner with your trusted brand. Our experienced Sales & Marketing group will collaborate with your internal and third-party teams to get your product from concept to shelf placement within a matter of weeks. The following offerings are currently available for store brand:

  • 1.62oz. Original/Energy/Hydrate Liquid Water Enhancers
  • 16oz. Non-Dairy Liquid Creamers (Shelf-Stable)
  • 4ct. Mashed Potatoes Instant Cups
  • 4ct. Mac & Cheese Instant Cups (Dry Cheese Mix)
  • 12oz. Shells & Cheese Boxes (Liquid Cheese Sauce)


National Brands still make up the lion’s share of sales in any given category and enjoy numerous advantages including consumer trust, recognition, and marketing resources. You know that innovation is the lifeblood of any successful brand, and we are here to dream right there with you. 

DreamPak is a vertically-integrated, turnkey manufacturer of liquid concentrates into a wide variety of packaging formats. We invite you to explore our existing product offerings which can be tweaked to meet your unique brand features. And of course, our customers are always strongly-encouraged to participate in the process by interfacing with our product development team at our Innovation Center, as well as our Quality Assurance and Operations teams at our Manufacturing Facility. 


Ideation & Concept Development

DreamPak team of experts will work  closely with the client to understand their needs and turn their ideas into a tangible concept. Our team of experts performs research and analysis to ensure the concept is feasible and meets market demands.

Benchtop Sampling

Our team will formulate small-scale product samples to help clients visualize and test their ideas before full-scale production. Our team uses advanced techniques to create high-quality, functional samples that accurately represent the final product. This service provides clients with a hands-on experience of the product, ensuring its viability before committing to full-scale production.

Final Approval

Once the formula has been finalized, the client approves it and DreamPak moves forward with scheduling for full-scale production. This approval process helps ensure that the final product meets the client's expectations and requirements.


After receiving the benchtop samples, the client thoroughly reviews and tests the product. Feedback is then provided to DreamPak to make any necessary modifications to the product design. This iterative process helps ensure that the final product meets the client's expectations and requirements.

Dream Realized

The finished product is then delivered to the client, who can rely on the ongoing support of DreamPak. Our team regularly reviews the stability and quality of the product to ensure its ongoing success and client satisfaction.


The best liquid mix innovations in the world need to be paired with packaging that is consumer-friendly, functional and cost-effective. DreamPak has invested heavily in world-class manufacturing equipment capable of producing units ranging in size from 1ml to 64 ounces.  We also understand that different product categories, markets, and customers require unique dispensing options, which is why we offer unique  closure options such as leak-free squeeze caps for liquid water enhancers as well as precise-dose pumps for coffee, creamers and nutritional supplements.