DreamPak is the market leader in the development and manufacturing of shelf-stable, liquids for virtually every major food & beverage category


DreamPak is a vertically-integrated, turnkey manufacturer of liquid concentrates into a wide variety of packaging formats. We invite you to explore our existing product offerings which can be tweaked to meet your unique brand features. And of course, our customers are always strongly-encouraged to participate in the process by interfacing with our product development team at our Innovation Center, as well as our Quality Assurance and Operations teams at our Manufacturing Facility. 



We pride ourselves in introducing groundbreaking inventions covering every major beverage and dietary supplement category. Our team have already developed ‘technology templates’ for the leading delivery formats including add-to-water,  direct shots, and beverage additives.  DreamPak’s customers ultimately benefit from leveraging pre-existing technologies to get to market more quickly.  This process eliminates the longest portion of the innovation cycle and allows your brand to focus on growing its sales and distribution.

Our world-class Product Development team will work closely with your organizations to customize the formula to meet your brand’s unique requirements, including flavor profile, sweetener system, shelf life, nutrient fortification, and other factors that are crucial for a successful product launch.



The best liquid mix innovations in the world need to be paired with packaging that is consumer-friendly, functional and cost-effective. DreamPak has invested heavily in world-class manufacturing equipment capable of producing units ranging in size from 1ml to 64 ounces.  We also understand that different product categories, markets, and customers require unique dispensing options, which is why we offer unique  closure options such as leak-free squeeze caps for liquid water enhancers as well as precise-dose pumps for coffee, creamers and nutritional supplements.

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