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"Disrupting the food & beverage market,
one category at a time"

DreamPak, founded in 2000 by Dr. Aly Gamay, provides the marketplace with convenient, tasty and sustainable solutions for center-of-the-store. From humble beginnings as a liquid packager to a technology-driven manufacturer, DreamPak offers full-service solutions from concept development to distribution. 

National Brands still make up the lion’s share of sales in any given category and enjoy numerous advantages including consumer trust, recognition, and marketing resources. You know that innovation is the lifeblood of any successful brand, and we are here to dream right there with you. 

The Private Label (also called Store Brand) category has exploded over the past decade, with quality, performance and loyalty often surpassing the National Brand. While cost is always a key consideration, we know that a delicious and nutritious offering will keep the consumer coming back time-and-time again. 

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