Founded in 2000 by Dr. Aly Gamay, DreamPak is the realization of a vision to provide the marketplace with convenient, tasty and sustainable solutions for the center-of-the-store. We started with humble origins packing any liquid into single-serve packaging, which is what led us to proclaim ‘You Dream it, We Pak it’. Fast-forward two decades: we have expanded into a technology-driven manufacturer leading our customers from concept development all the way through distribution. Our new tagline, ‘We Dream & Pak it’ reflects this transformation into the next generation where we aim to be a single-source finished good supplier for virtually every major category. So join us on this ambitious and exciting journey!

Suite of Services

Ideation: DreamPak has already developed a ‘technology template’ that spans categories such as coffee creamers, water enhancers, instant meals, and sauces. This eliminates the longest portion of the innovation cycle and allows your brand to get to market quickly.

Research & Development: Our world-class Product Development team can customize its technology to meet your brand’s unique requirements, including flavor profile, sweetener system, shelf life, nutrient fortification, and other crucial variables that we identify in collaboration.

Liquid Processing/Bulking: Once the formulation is finalized, we are ready to scale up your product in one of our liquid processors, which range in capacity from 500 pounds for smaller batches to almost 4,000 gallons for larger-scale runs.

Filling & Co-packing: Now we are ready to fill your product into one of our unique packaging formats, ranging in size from 6ml ‘single-squeeze’ pods ideal for delivering portable servings of liquid mixes, up to 50oz. ‘pumpable’ bottles perfect for foodservice applications.

Quality Assurance: The last step is for our best-in-class Quality Assurance team to ensure that your finished product is produced exactly to the pre-established standards. DreamPak is SQF Level-3 AND NSF-certified for the manufacturing of dietary supplements, so you can rest-assured that consumers will receive the highest-quality product.


As a leading contract manufacturer of shelf-stable liquid concentrates for beverage and dietary supplement applications, our customers rightfully expect nothing but the highest quality product and service. DreamPak has received SQF Level-3 Certification for the manufacturing of beverage products, and NSF Certification for the manufacturing of dietary supplements. Our Quality Assurance team is constantly evaluating new practices and certifications in order to stay ahead of the curve.