We are beverage innovators.

DreamPak bring innovation to several beverage categories including liquid water enhancers, milk enhancers, coffee & tea concentrates, dairy creamers and dietary supplements.

Water Enhancers

DreamPak manufactures liquid water enhancers for national brands in the United States, specializing in all-natural, functional and custom formulations. We offer a variety of exciting flavors including orange, strawberry, black currant, lime mint, peach iced tea and many more in our 1.6 ounce bottles (24 servings). These bottles are ideal because they are customizable, portable and shelf & counter-top-friendly.


Enjoy liquid water enhancers in a variety of great flavors, including Peach-Mango, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Watermelon.


Our expertise in developing great-tasting, all-natural concentrates extends to the liquid water enhancer category. DreamPak’s offering is naturally-sweetened, colored, and flavored, as well as preservative-free.


We offer energy, sports and vitamin-infused water enhancers across a variety of flavors in addition to formulations with functional applications, including digestive health, beauty-from-within and antioxidants.

Milk Enhancers

DreamPak offers sugar-free milk modifiers in a variety of flavors.

Milk Enhancer

Both children and adults love our add-to-milk, sugar-free (N&A or all-natural) chocolate and strawberry milk enhancers. Our vitamin-infused milk enhancers are also a great way to get your recommended serving of key nutrients.

Coffee, Tea & Lattes

With our real coffee, tea and latte liquid concentrates, you can have enjoy a great-tasting hot beverage anywhere you go. DreamPak’s shelf-stable technology is patent-pending.


Enjoy fresh-tasting, 100% Arabica coffee concentrate in DreamPak’s convenient Multi-Serve Bottles. We offer a wide variety of flavors such as Breakfast Blend, Colombian, Hazelnut and Vanilla. Both hot coffee and iced coffee are available.

Coffee Latte

We offer 2-in-1 (coffee and creamer), 3-in-1 (coffee, creamer and sweetener) and 4-in-1 (coffee, creamer, sweetener, and flavor) latte beverages.

Chai Latte

We offer 2-in-1 (tea and creamer) and 3-in -1 (tea, creamer and sweetener) as well as a fantastic Chai Tea beverage.

Bag-in-Box (BIB)

DreamPak offers its unique liquid concentrate technology for the food service industry in the form of 2 liter Bag-in-Box products in several profiles including Dark Roast, Breakfast Blend, Decaf Coffee, Black and Mint Tea, as well as Latte.


We offer sucralose in 48 mL multi-serve bottles – the equivalent of 200 packets.


Our real tea concentrate is available in black, herbal, functional and decaffeinated varieties.


DreamPak introduced the first real dairy, shelf-stable creamer in its 1.6 ounce Multi-Serve Bottles. Utilizing our patent-pending CreamCentrate™ technology, each 2ml serving delivers the equivalent of a single creamer cup. Every 1.6 oz bottle delivers 24 servings for hot or cold beverage use.


Our patent-pending, real dairy creamers are available in Original, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel varieties. Kosher creamer is also available.



DreamPak offers liquid dietary supplements in single-serve LiquiTubes™ and multi-serve bottles. DreamPak has been an experienced manufacturer of liquid supplements since 2005 and is 21 CFR 111 compliant. We have formulated supplements for joint care, vitamins, sports, and health and beauty.