Liquid Innovations

At DreamPak, we don’t think that being reactive to market needs builds long-term success. Instead, we aspire to shape
the market with liquid mix innovations that shatter traditional expectations. “Impossible” is simply not a part of
DreamPak’s vocabulary. Our partners come to us with dreams that we then convert into reality. Break-through innovations,
coupled with a relentless passion for manufacturing shelf-stable liquid concentrates, are part of our DNA.

Over the past decade, countless trends have come and gone in the beverage space. We believe that consumers are now properly-
educated and ready to make the switch from powder mixes, ready-to-drink beverages, and traditional supplement formats to
liquid mix solutions. Our technology allows these liquids to provide consumers with a top-notch experience while simultaneously
contributing to massive cost savings across the supply chain. Liquid mixes are the future, and DreamPak is “Liquids for Life”.

Packaging Formats

1-10ml LiquiTubes™

Introduced in 2005, our LiquiTube packaging has filled a huge void in the dietary supplement market...

1.62oz. Squeeze Bottles

Since hitting the market several years ago with liquid water enhancers, these portable squeeze bottles...

16oz.-64oz. Pour Bottles

Although our 1.62oz. Squeeze Bottles are perfect for delivering liquid enhancers and select beverages...

16-64oz. Pump Bottles

When it comes to delivering large volumes of liquid concentrates for Foodservice or Specialty Markets...


DreamPak offers its liquid concentrate technology for the food service industry...


Case Studies

Explore our past & current projects to discover
how we collaborate with our partners
to bring liquid drink mix innovations to market.