DreamPak is the market leader in the development of shelf-stable, liquid mixes for virtually every major beverage and dietary supplement category. We have spent the last two decades perfecting our technology in order to compete with ready-to-drink beverages and powdered mixes that have been the dominant delivery methods. Our team believes that the market has neared a "tipping point" whereby consumers are properly-educated about the merits of add-to-water concentrates, and key stakeholders understand the massive cost savings of switching from "pre-mixed" to "point-of-use preparation" beverages. And only DreamPak utilizes technology in which the product is shelf-stable by formulation; this means that, unlike other manufacturers, we don't rely on the manufacturing process to preserve our products and keep them safe for consumption.  


PACKAGING innovations 

The best liquid mix innovations in the world are incomplete without packaging formats that are consumer-friendly, functional and cost-effective. DreamPak has invested heavily in world-class manufacturing equipment capable of offering sizes ranges from 1ml to 64 ounces.  We also understand that different product categories, markets, and customers require unique dispensing options. That is what has inspired us to dedicate considerable time and resources into adding closure capabilities such as leak-free squeeze caps for liquid water enhancers as well as precise-dose pumps for coffee, creamers and nutritional supplements.


In order to stay ahead of the curve in the Contract Manufacturing of liquid mix innovations, our product development team has to also be world-class. We pride ourselves in developing groundbreaking inventions covering every major beverage and dietary supplement category under the sun. DreamPak’s customers ultimately reap the benefits of utilizing pre-existing technologies in order to get to market quickly while maintaining their unique brand features.

Contract packaging & Manufacturing

DreamPak is a vertically-integrated, turnkey manufacturer of liquid concentrates into a wide variety of packaging formats. Our team can help take your product offering from concept to commercialization in a few easy steps. If your brand is looking to get to market quickly without spending months or years developing a new technology, we invite you to explore our existing product offerings which can be tweaked to meet your unique brand features. And of course, our customers are always strongly-encouraged to participate in the process by interfacing with our product development team at our Innovation Center, as well as our Quality Assurance and Operations teams at our Manufacturing Facility