We offer a complete solution for your contract manufacturing needs.

DreamPak offers a range of services from product development to manufacturing and shipment. Our state of the art R&D facilities and SQF-3 certified manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver products to the highest quality standards.

Contract Manufacturing

Product Development

DreamPak’s core strength lies in its product development capabilities. Our experienced R&D team will work closely with your business to develop formulations that meet the needs of you and your customers.

Bulk Processing

We blend all liquid products in our SQF Level-3 manufacturing facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Liquid Filling

DreamPak has the capability of filling liquid concentrates into its Multi-Serve Bottles, LiquiTubes™, and Bag-in-Box.

Contract Packaging

For customers that have developed their liquid product, DreamPak can fill your liquid bulk into one of our convenient packaging formats.

R&D Capabilities

DreamPak is a technology partner with extensive R&D experience and expertise. We utilize a host of proprietary technologies to produce a wide range of formulations, including all-natural (preservative-free) liquid drink mixes, shelf-stable liquid coffee and tea concentrates, and our latest introduction, CreamCentrate™ technology.

All-Natural Technology

DreamPak’s all-natural beverage concentrates are formulated with natural colors, flavors and sweeteners, and are preservative-free.

Liquid Concentrates

Since 2000, DreamPak has been focused on liquid concentrate technology for both dietary supplements and beverages.

Shelf-Stable Technology

DreamPak has developed innovative technology for stabilizing both hot and cold beverage concentrates over an extended shelf-life period.

Hot Beverage R&D Innovations

DreamPak has devoted significant R&D efforts to the development of hot beverage innovations. DreamPak has several patent-pending technologies in shelf-stable and great-tasting liquid coffee, tea and latte beverages in convenient multi-serve bottles.

Packaging Formats

We offer a variety of packaging formats for our innovating beverage concentrates including multi-serve bottles, single-serve LiquiTubes™, and bag-in-box.

Multi-Serve Bottles

With a volume capacity of 1.6 ounces, this packaging format is ideal for delivering multiple servings of liquid drink mixes in a portable format. Multi-Serve Bottles are quickly changing the beverage industry because they allow manufacturers to save on transportation costs, retailers to stock exponentially more SKU’s, and consumers to carry around more servings in a smaller package.


DreamPak offers its liquid concentrate technology for the food service industry in the form of 2 Liter BIB products. The company has developed a wide variety of hot beverages for this application, including Dark Roast, Breakfast Blend, and Decaf Coffee, Black and Mint Tea, as well as Latte flavors.

Single-Serve LiquiTubes™

LiquiTubes™ are the perfect packaging format for delivery beverage concentrates in single-serve format. DreamPak has been manufacturing LiquiTubes™ since 2005 and has quickly become the market leader. Each ampule can deliver approximately one-third of an ounce (10ml) of liquid in an easy-to-open and easy-to-squeeze format.


DreamPak’s R&D Technical Center is located in Alexandria, Virginia and its SQF-3 accredited manufacturing faciliites for beverages and dietary supplements are located in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

R&D Technical Center

R&D Technical Center
Alexandria, VA
  • Concept development for beverages and dietary supplements
  • Small batches produced for testing and sampling
  • Custom formulation based on client requirements
  • Manufacturing Facility - Dietary Supplements

    Manufacturing Facility – Dietary Supplements
    New Berlin, WI
  • 25,000 square foot facility
  • Liquid blending of concentrates in tanks
  • Filling of dietary supplements into LiquiTubes™ packaging
  • Facility is NSF-certified and cGMP-compliant
  • Manufacturing Facility - Beverages

    Manufacturing Facility – Beverages
    New Berlin, WI
  • 53,000 square foot facility
  • Warehousing of raw materials and finished products
  • Filling of beverage concentrates into Multi-Serve Bottles
  • Facility is NSF-certified and cGMP-compliant
  • Quality Certifications

    DreamPak manfuacturing facilities are SQF Level 3 certified (recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and cGMP compliant for dietary supplements.