At DreamPak, we have stayed true to the belief that liquid concentrates represent the future of the beverage and dietary supplement industries. This vision has allowed us to expand from a single-product contract manufacturing shop into a technology-driven, vertically-integrated operation serving a wide range of markets. Our leadership team is dedicated to continuing DreamPak’s tradition of breakthrough innovation for the benefit of all our partners and stakeholders. We believe that the market is prime for a major shift from traditional delivery formats such as ready-to-drink and powdered mixes, and we know that consumers in that space are Thirsty for Innovation.

about us



Dr. Aly Gamay, DreamPak's founder and CEO, is a leading expert in food & beverage technology and holds several patents in the fields. After establishing Gamay Foods, the leading private label supplier of shelf-stable liquid cheese pouches for dinners in the US as well as Gamay Flavors, an innovative dairy flavor company, Dr. Gamay founded DreamPak in 2000 with a focus on liquid beverage concentrates. Most recently, he has pioneered innovations in liquid coffee, tea and dairy creamer technology. Dr. Gamay is passionate about disrupting stagnant markets by introducing food & beverage offerings that are enjoyable, affordable, and functional.



At DreamPak, we aspire to shape the market with liquid mix innovations that shatter traditional expectations. ‘Impossible’ is simply not a part of DreamPak’s vocabulary. We are a team of individuals eager to challenge and alter the status quo, and we have the technology to back it up. We are a quality-driven organization that understands the responsibility that comes with manufacturing dietary supplements. Our team is determined to transform liquid drink mixes from a niche market into a mainstream solution for e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and everything in between. And most importantly, we are 'Liquids for Life'.



As a leading contract manufacturer of shelf-stable liquid concentrates for beverage and dietary supplement applications, our customers rightfully expect nothing but the highest quality product and service. DreamPak has received SQF Level-3 Certification for the manufacturing of beverage products, and NSF Certification for the manufacturing of dietary supplements. Our Quality Assurance team is constantly evaluating new practices and certifications in order to stay ahead of the curve.