DreamPak introduced the first real dairy, concentrated creamer to the market in 2013. Initially packaged into 1.62oz. Squeeze Bottles, we have expanded our creamer offering to include LiquiTubes™ and Pump Bottles. Each 2ml squeeze (5ml pump for our Foodservice offerings) is equivalent to one portion-controlled creamer cup, for a total of 24 servings per bottle. We also offer non-dairy creamers to the market for direct comparison to national brands.


With multiple patents on shelf-stable, concentrated coffee, DreamPak is redefining how consumers around the globe view the category. Our liquid technology allows us to capture the essence of premium Arabica beans and deliver a convenient serving in just 5ml. This means that foodservice operators no longer need to deal with frozen or refrigerated coffee for their hot beverages programs, and end users can enjoy the quality of a fresh cup of coffee without the investment of single serving brewers or the preparation time of roast and ground formats. Our concentrated tea, which is sourced from real tea leaves, captures the aroma and taste characteristics in our convenient on-the-go Squeeze Bottles.


It all started with our concentrated creamer. Following the stand-alone creamer launch in 2013, we quickly discovered the synergy of combining this technology with our concentrated coffee and tea technologies. The result is a line of premium, all-in-one mixes that can be added to hot or cold water for a coffeehouse experience. Our Swirl Latte Mixes deliver 12 delicious servings of coffee and tea-based mixes that never need to be refrigerated. For the Foodservice market, our Café Enhanca beverage line delivers 40 servings for back or front-of-the-house use. For the non-coffee audience, our all-in-one hot chocolate mix is also changing the rules of the game.

Health & Wellness

DreamPak has been developing and manufacturing liquid dietary supplements in a variety of packaging formats since 2005. We are perfectly poised at the crossroads of three market trends: beverage fortification, market acceptance of liquid mixes, and preference of shelf-stable products over refrigerated. The convergence of “functional” and “beverage” into the term “functional beverage” has created a world of fresh opportunities to serve a marketplace thirsty for innovation. Our product offerings span virtually the entire health spectrum, ranging from Joint Health to Hair, Skin & Nails.


There is no product category more disillusioned with powder mixes the Sports Nutrition market. Although 2-5 lb. Bulk containers have become the norm for protein products, the inherent shortcomings such as the messiness of scooping and the difficulty of mixing have left consumers searching for alternatives. This is where DreamPak's liquid innovations step in and save the day. We have controlled for variables such as protein source, flavor, and pricing that are already industry standards, and simply substituted liquid in place of powder. The result is powerful. Just three pumps added to water delivers comparable Whey protein to the leading brands on the market. We are also changing the game with creatine and other key Sports Nutrition areas.