This indulgent latte mix combines DreamPak’s proprietary coffee and creamer technology to deliver 12 servings of Caramel Macchiato and Chai Tea Latte. Simply add to hot water for a café-quality specialty beverage, or add to cold water for an Iced Latte. Our Mocha & Protein offering is packed with 10 grams of protein per serving, for a delicious drink with a functional boost. Our Swirl mixes also work great in frozen beverages, and as a component in bakery and other food applications.


Splash of Cream

The only real dairy creamer concentrate on the market, this product line is making a splash in a category thirsty for innovation. Each of our convenient, 1.62 ounce bottles contains 24 servings of Original, Hazelnut or Vanilla creamer consumes a fraction of the shelf-space required by portion-cups. Splash of Cream is perfect for spicing up your coffee when you’re on the road, and fits easily into a pocket or handbag.


Vital Squirt

Chewable gummies have quickly become the go-to delivery format for brands looking to deliver vitamins and minerals to children. However several drawbacks, including the risk of choking, high sugar content, and lack of customization, have left consumers seeking other alternatives. Enter Vital Squirt™-. With just one light squeeze of our delicious syrup into a glass of milk, parents can be satisfied knowing that their kids are getting essential nutrients from milk in a safe and efficacious format. Our 1.62oz. Squeeze Bottles are compact enough to be carried in your bag, and come in a variety of fun flavors that will keep everyone happy.



Imagine being able to make a rich cup of coffee with just hot water and one squeeze from a pocket-sized bottle. While most traditional coffee mixes use a high temperature extraction method that strips the coffee of its taste & aroma, Press’d is made with a patented low-temperature brew method that preserves the genuine flavor & aroma of the coffee beans. We’ve taken on-the-go convenience to the next level so that you can make 24 cups of no-compromise coffee at home, at the office or on-the-go.


Café Enhanca & Top Roast

Our liquid coffee concentrate is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, and our patented process assures a great quality, portable and stable product for use in many types of foodservice operations. Available under our Top Roast label, we are offering this unique product in 1.5 liter, pre-measured pump bottles, with 300-8oz. servings per bottle. Café Enhanca is our line of foodservice creamers and creamer-based liquid concentrates. Our delicious all-in-one latte and hot chocolate mixes are available in 55oz. Pump Bottles, yielding approximately 40 servings.



Bars and ready-to-drink protein products have been around for years, but neither can rival the popularity of protein powders. While consumers enjoy the multi-serve nature of this delivery format, dry mixes have left a lot to be desired. ProPump is a 50oz. ready-to-pump liquid that contains 25 servings of premium whey protein isolate. Simply add three pumps into a bottle or glass of water, and watch as our concentrate dissolves into the water with a gentle shake or stir. It’s safe to say that the protein category will never be the same.